After earth dies humanity uploads themselves into the internet. Super IT Friends is an action/comedy about four friends trying to survive inside a new digital wild west.

— Update 12/3/18 —

It’s been 3 months since I’ve moved to LA and the pilot is totally complete. It was the right move to redo it. It’s significantly better, although much shorter. I’m now planning how to release it / deciding if I’m going host the show myself or pitch it again. Ideally I’d like to partner with a studio or network, but I’m at this chasm of trying to figure out how to get to that next stage. I feel like I’m getting closer, but I’m still largely on the outside of things. With that being said, I’m looking for advice on how I should be approaching this ! I also need a job out here, but that’s for me to figure out. Anyways, feel free to reach out to me

— UPDATE 7/9/18 —

I am yet again changing my approach for how I will approach making Super IT Friends. In the last months I went through the process of pitching my show to a studio I deeply admire. I made it through the preliminary process and was able to go to LA to do a pitch in person. The project didn't get green lit. I am changing my strategy yet again and will be producing a series of vignettes that will be launched on Twitter / YouTube. This level of work will be manageable on my own, and will go back to having more of my sense of humor. As always, if you have an interest in this project please write to me at:

— UPDATE  1/30/18 —

Last year I completed a pilot for Super IT Friends. Much like the creator of FEZ, I learned a lot about art and storytelling in the process. Though I think what I made is good, maybe even enough, I know I can do better. I have begun work on a second pilot which I believe is much stronger. I have done a tremendous amount of work which I am eager to show, but ultimately you can only launch a show once and I would like it to be my best work.